How you can request a password on Portal das Finanças

If you have never requested a password on the Portal das Finanças website, registration on the portal is the first step. For this you will need to complete the registration form.

  1.  Go to On the home page click on "Registar-se" (Register") at the top right corner.

  1. To register your NIF click "Registo NIF" and fill in your taxprayer number (NIF). When the NIF number is written, click "Registo com NIF".

  1. In the form, you need to indicate your personal data:
  • Taxpayer number (NIF);
  • Fiscal address. If the address in your NIF is outside of Portugal - fill in the local address of your Portuguese fiscal representative (find it in your NIF, page 2 - "Representante", "Morada".
  • You will also need to define a security question. This is important because you will need it if you forget or lose your password.
  • After filling in this information, click at the bottom right on “Register” (Registar).

  1. The confirmation of successfully requested password.

You are going to receive a physical letter to your tax address, which will also contain a password for online access.

  1. Password example.

The definitive password to access the Portuguese tax authorities is sent via CTT (and never by e-mail) within an average of 14 working days. If you had a representative, it will be delivered to him.

The sending of the final password is always made to the tax address which is registered with the Portuguese tax authorities.

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