How to start using my bank account?

If you opened a Portuguese bank account in NovoBanco using our services, we have sent you access codes to you by e-mail.

Below is the instruction how to get access to your account via application

So you will need only:

  1. Matrix card (there is written login)
  2. Temporary password (white paper, with numbers on grey background)
  3. Your mobile phone (you'll be receiving an Authorization Code by SMS)

*Do not share these codes with anyone.

1. Download the official application Novobanco to your phone or use your PC;

2. Put the login. You will find it in the green “matrix card”. It is displayed in the bottom left corner. No de Adesão = login;

3. Use a temporary password to enter. Chave de segurança = temporary password  = pin atual;

4. After, you will receive the SMS code to the phone that you submitted on our application form. If you don’t receive SMS, try to get a voice message. Check the network and if it is the same phone, that you submitted in the application. Otherwise, contact your bank manager

5. You need to put temporary PIN again and after set your own password twice.

6. Now it is time to put security codes from matrix card. Be careful just 1 number from each crossing. For example A3 first number, B5 third number, G1 second number

7. You will receive one more SMS code.

8. Finally you can change the language to English. Well done!)

  1. Set up the device that you are using for bank application. You are going to get sms again with the link, that you need to copy and paste it. You have only 3 attempts.

If you dont receive the sms, you can try to receive the voice call. Take paper and pen and put to speaker.

If you have any questions regarding your bank account, please contact directly your manager. You will receive the documents to email from Novobanco as well.

*Do not share these codes with anyone.


+351 21 883 4549

The contacts of your manager you can find in the letter from the bank.

Your bank account waiting to be unlocked, it will take some time according to the compliance procedure of the bank. Your bank manager will inform you when it will be unlocked. And help you with all your questions, if you need any guidance.

Before unlocking, you can make only 1 money transfer to your account (in cases when you need to show balance for visa application).

If you want to use your physical card, use the PIN from the card to access the ATM services or to be able to pay offline.

Don't have a Portuguese bank account yet? We can open it for you, just follow the link.

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