How to open bank account in Portugal for Israel resident

Any resident of Israel can open bank account in Portugal online, if you have following documents

  1. Passport (in passport is written the TIN as well)
  2. NIF
  3. TIN (only if in NIF is not address of Israel)
  4. Address proof in english (bank statement)
  5. Proof of income in english

1) Passport of Israel

Your document must meet the following requirements:

  • High-quality scanned PDF image or photo of your Passport
  • No fingers on the passport
  • All 4 corners of passport visible, 2 pages on 1 photo
  • Passport is signed
  • Passport is valid

Examples of good and not-so-good passport images you can see here.

2) NIF

NIF is a Portuguese tax number. Here you can see a good example how NIF should look like.

If you don't have it yet, you can order it here. Name has to be in order with passport optical line.

3) Tin

Passport of Israel will be your proof of TIN, If in NIf you have address of Israel. Id of Israel also can be a proof, but it has to be translated and certified (outside of Portugal with apostile). Here you can see other documents as well. (if you have Israel tax residence, but passport of other country).

3) address proof in english (not in hebrew)

  • Bank statement or bank letter in english with your name as in passport. (Israel discount bank. charles schwab, leumi bank)

6) What is considered as proof of income?

Please note that proof has to be in english or Portuguese language.

By Portuguese rules in the certified translation has to be with 2 signatures (1 of translator, another of lawyer and it cant be the same person). That is why we recommend to certify documents in Portugal.

Document with your name as in passport, issued less than 1 year ago, with amount of your monthly income, mentioning your type of activity or job title. Proof of income can be a signed work contract, company statement or tax proof of self-employed registration or pension.

You can open bank account online if you can proof your funds as:

  • Employed (documents in english or portuguese)
    • work declaration (note that has to be signed by head of department, not only stamped)
    • payslip with job tittle in english (issued less than 3 months ago)
    • contract (issued less than 1 year ago, signed by both parties)

  • Self-employed
    • proof of registration of freelance activity (with activity codes and name as in passport)
    • Plus tax declaration 2022, proving activity still exists
    • Note just the contractor agreement and invoice is not enough as a proof.

  • Company owner
    • company certificate issued less than 1 year ago + written that you are the director
    • payslip if you get salary
    • tax declaration 2022 if you get royalties.

  • Passive income ( investor\ property owner)
    • signed rental agreement(s) + proof of deposits
    • Financial statements that show your investments (issued within the past 6 months)
    • tax declaration (rental real estate, royalties.. etc).

  • Retired
    • retirement book
    • state pension letter or statement with your full name and type of pension age\ conditions (issued less than 1 year ago)
    • tax declaration where pension or social security benefits are declared.

  • Unemployed (housewife or student)
    • If student is in Portugal. Proof of enrolment, student card, bank statement.
    • if you live on your assets (proof of source of funds and tax declaration 2022)
*if you are unemployed we can open only joined account with the partner, who has funds.

Documents should be signed manually by pen, if you can`t provide a document with a manual signature, please be sure that your e-signed documents look requirements for EU digital signature and this signature is clickable for the check. Here is an example how it can look:

Here you can read more about income proofs and see all requirements, examples.

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