FAQ bank. How much cash i can take from my bank account daily?

Personal account

Minimum deposit - 250 euros after unlocking the account.

Monthly fee - 8.20 EUR (with vat).

How much i can transfer online per day?

Daily limit from novobanco private account to

        • Other banks: 10 000
        • Other novo account: 2000
        • If more then 10.000 (through personal manager)
    • (SEPA transfer - free,
    • not SEPA <150euros = 13 euros,
    • 150-12500 = 31.20 euros
    • >12 500 euros - 0.26% of the transfer (min 45.76, max 124.80)

  • Transfers to novo banco: No limits
    • *Russians can have on account 100 000 only (if have no residence permit).
  • If more then 10.000 in branch (through balcao)

    Balcao SEPA 10-50k = 7.80 euros

    Balcao SEPA 50-100k =15.60 euros

  • 100k 36.40 euros

    • How much cash i can put on account per day in bank branch?
    • In the bank:
      • < 10 000 euros no need any proves.
      • >10 000 euros need to have a proof (For example you sold smth.. etc)

  • How much cash i withdraw from card per day:
    • ATM machine  < 400 euros
    • Novo machine (in the bank) < 2500 euros
    • On the counter ("balc√£o") no limit (with big amounts you need to warn in advance)

      Commission 12 euros for 1 operation.

      To ask emite the cheque. Cost 20 euros. No limit of amount

      Frequently asked questions

  • Can i open joined account? Yes. If you want to do that inform our support, when you make your purchase.
  • Can i after join person to my account? Yes but with extra fee.
  • How much is the cost of emitting cheque by request? 20 euros. No limit of amount of cheque
  • Is it possible to put USD to euro account? Yes you can, according to bank exchange rate.
  • Can i open USD account? Yes you can.
  • Can i open a business account? Yes, you need to provide company certificate and rcbe.
  • If my account is closed can i reopen it? You cant reopen it, if it was compliance decision.
  • Can i use novobanco account in google pay? Yes, you can.
  • Can i connect my amazon shop to novobanco. Yes, you may.
  • Can i have saving account? Yes. Ask details to your private manager.
  • To which address my bank cards where sent? Address from your NIF *fiscal address.
  • How i will know that my account is unlocked? Your manager will send you email.
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