Your next step to get you Spanish NIE by yourself

If you've received a link to this page, you should have already received your NIE Number Paperwork, which includes two PDF documents: the EX-15 form and the 790 payment form.

Please read this guide thoroughly. Missing any steps could result in complications with your application.

We've completed your forms using the details you provided. If you used a mobile phone, there's a chance that autocorrect or input errors may have resulted in misspellings or inaccuracies in names, etc. If you notice any errors or require changes, please get in touch with us immediately.

1) How was completed your EX15 form: 1) Datos del Extranjero

PASAPORTE: Your valid passport or ID number

NIE: This box remains empty as it is what we are trying to obtain

1st Apellido: Your family name

2nd Apellido: Your 2nd family (if applicable)

Nombre: First name

Sexo: Tick the corresponding box: Male (H) / Female (M)

Fecha de nacimiento: Date of birth

Lugar: Place of birth

Country: Country of birth

Nacionalidad: Nationality

Estado Civil: Tick the corresponding box: Single (S) / Married (C) / Widow (V) / Divorced (D) / Separated (Sp)

Nombre del padre: First name of your father

Nombre de la madre: First name of your mother

Domicilio de residencia: Your current address (in Spain or abroad)

: Street number

Piso: Flat number (if applicable)

Localidad: City

C.P: Postal Code

Provincia: Province 

Teléfono móvil: Phone number

E-mail: Your e-mail address

2) Datos del representante a efectos de la presentación de la solicitud

This part is only to be completed if the person submitting the application is different from the applicant. If this is the case, your representative will fill it out on your behalf, as everything else in this form. 

If the request is made directly by the applicant, this section is left blank.

3) Domicilio a efectos de notificaciones

In this section, you need to indicate the address where you want to receive any correspondence. This may or may not be the same address you provided in the first section.

This section is particularly useful if you are represented by a third party.

4) Datos relativos a la solicitud (important part)

4.1. - Tipo de documento

In this section, you have to select which document you are applying for, i.e. the NIE or the resident or non-resident certificate.

This certificate is not the same as the Certificado de Registro de Ciudadanos de la Unión Europea.

4.2. - Motivos

Then you have to indicate the reasons why you want to get the NIE. These reasons are specific to each individual and you can choose between Economic reasons / Professional reasons / Social reasons.

In the “Especificar” field, detail more precisely your reason.

It falls upon you to substantiate the need for a NIE Number to the police. The degree of proof required can vary significantly across regions, and might even depend on the discretion of the individual officer attending to you on your appointment day. While a verbal justification like "I want to open a bank account" may suffice in many areas, it's worth noting that not all regions are this lenient.

The nature of proof you ought to present corresponds to your specific reason for applying for a NIE Number.

Here are some illustrative examples. However, we strongly advise you to bring along every conceivable piece of corroborative evidence to fortify your application.

The main reason individuals are often denied a NIE Number is due to insufficient or incorrect proof justifying the need for the NIE. Here are some common reasons for applying for a NIE and the necessary documentation you must provide:

  • Purchasing a Car: A letter from the seller or dealership confirming your intent to buy is essential. Without this proof, your NIE application may be declined.
  • Securing Employment: A letter from a potential employer indicating a job offer is necessary. Failure to provide proof of employment offer can lead to your NIE application being refused.
  • Buying a House: A letter from your solicitor or estate agent affirming your intention to purchase a property is required. Without this letter, your application might be rejected.
  • Retirement in Spain: Ideally, you should provide tangible evidence of your financial status, like bank statements or a letter from an accountant.

Here you can find translated options that you can input to the form:

  • "I want to buy a car" - "Quiero comprar un coche."
  • "I want to buy a property" - "Quiero comprar una propiedad."
  • "I want to open a bank account" - "Quiero abrir una cuenta bancaria."
  • "I have a job offer" - "Tengo una oferta de trabajo."
  • "I want to retire in Spain" - "Quiero jubilarme en España."

4.3. - Lugar de presentación

Once you have obtained your Cita Previa you can select the place where you will have your appointment. It is often at the police station.

If the request is made at a Spanish Consulate, you can tick the corresponding box. Note that the NIE is in this case only valid for 3 months.

4.4. - Situación en España

In this section, you need to indicate if you are residing in Spain or if your stay is temporary.

The last step Firma del solicitante

Last step is the signature. Start by specifying the city and date in the following format “[City] a [Day of the month] de [Month] de [Year].

You can then sign in the Firma del Solicitante box.

Please do not sign the Forms. The police officer will ask you to sign on the day of the appointment.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We've recently observed that some police stations have been advising individuals to apply directly for the EX-18 GREEN NIE, also known as residency or Cert EU. To be eligible for this GREEN NIE, you need to either have a job offer (which is typically unattainable without an NIE) or possess private health insurance and demonstrate proof of funds amounting to at least 7,000 euros in a Spanish bank account.

Should the police suggest you apply for the GREEN NIE (Cert EU) or residency (TIE) instead of the white NIE, it is imperative that you emphasize your need for the WHITE NON-RESIDENT NIE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While it's ideal to schedule your appointment at the police station closest to your residence or workplace, extended waiting times might lead you to opt for an appointment in a neighboring town or even another city.

If you're traveling to a different area for your NIE Number, we would have provided a local, registered address within the jurisdiction of that particular police station for your paperwork. For the duration of your application process, this will serve as 'your address'. Note that this address is solely to align with the precinct of the respective police station and will not be linked to or printed on your NIE number certificate.

It's crucial to be aware that the police will decline your NIE Number application if they learn you've traveled from another province. The Spanish police generally prefer not to undertake tasks meant for another jurisdiction.

Please refrain from mentioning any inter-provincial travel to the police, as it may adversely impact your application.

You might observe that certain sections of your NIE Number forms are left blank. This is either because they're not relevant to your application or due to regional variations in form completion. Please refrain from modifying the forms in any way.

It's advisable to bring a BLACK PEN to your appointment, in case any additional sections need to be filled out.

Please bring your original, up-to-date passport or EU citizen ID card along with a photocopy.

EU NON-EU (UK also)
EU passport holders, it's mandatory to provide a photocopy of the first PAGE of the passport or EU citizen ID card both side scan copy. We recognize that photocopying blank pages might seem unusual, but it's a specific requirement set by the police. For UK and non-EU passport holders, it's mandatory to provide a photocopy of EVERY PAGE of the passport, even the blank ones. Additionally, you'll need to present a separate photocopy of the entry stamp from the airport, which should indicate your arrival within the last 90 days in the Schengen area. We recognize that photocopying blank pages might seem unusual, but it's a specific requirement set by the police.

While most NIE Number certificates are typically issued on the same day, this isn't guaranteed. The timing is at the discretion of the police.

In certain instances, you might be requested to return the following afternoon or, in rarer cases, a few days later to collect your NIE Number certificate. If you're traveling to a specific station, please factor in this possibility

TOP TIP: Punctuality is crucial. Aim to arrive at least an hour in advance of your scheduled appointment. If you're driving, consider scouting parking options near the police station the previous day. Bear in mind that the police have little tolerance for tardiness, and arriving late could result in your appointment being canceled.

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