How to pay NIE number tax (790 form)?

Kindly avoid waiting until the last moment to pay your NIE number tax.

Kindly make sure to settle the payment at least one day prior to your appointment. This can sometimes be challenging.

Note: If you've scheduled a short-notice appointment, please ensure the payment is made on the day before.

For every new or replacement NIE Number application, a tax is required to be paid in advance to the Spanish Government.

The exact amount due can be found on the Form 790 that we emailed to you. This form, consisting of three pages (two of which are identical), should be presented at a bank for payment of the said tax. Please ensure this payment is completed prior to your NIE Number appointment. Avoid procrastination, as the process isn't always straightforward.

It might be necessary to approach multiple banks before finding one that will process your NIE Number Tax payment. Generally, Bank Sabadell here is the list of bank branches or BBVA here is the list of bank branches accept this forms.

Certain banks may only process payments if you have an account with them. However, the majority of national banks will accept your form and allow payment even without an existing account.

Lately, we've observed that due to the extended queues caused by processing numerous NIE Number tax certificates, some banks have designated specific days for these transactions, such as Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You need to print 1 copy of this 3-page form, take this to a national bank ideally bank BBVA and pay the tax.

Please ensure that at least one of the documents you present at the bank receives a stamp. The form consists of 3 pages, with 2 of them being identical. It's essential to print all three pages. The bank might retain one page, leaving you with two to present at the police station. The bank can either use a manual ink stamp or print directly onto the document; both methods are acceptable. If you make a payment via an ATM, you won't receive a stamp on your forms, but you will be provided with a receipt.

It's crucial to visit the bank and settle the tax before your scheduled appointment. Arriving at your appointment without a stamped form or an ATM payment receipt will result in immediate rejection. It's advised not to delay this process, unless you have a fast track or cancellation appointment. You have the flexibility to make this payment days in advance and are not limited to doing it on the day of your appointment.

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