How to cancel online scheduled cita in the Spain Police department?

If your plans have been changed, you are able to cancel or change appointment date or place by yourself easily online via portal. Here is a guide how to proceed step by step:

1. Please follow this link of the official portal of government institution:

  1. Select your province where was scheduled your cita.

  1. Press "Aceptar".
  2. On question "Tramites polícia nacional" select "Polícia-certificados y asingnacion NIE":

  1. Press "Aceptar".
  2. Scroll the page down, press "Entrar" on the bottom of page:

  1. "Tipo de document" select "Pasaporte" and fill in next information:

a. Number of your international passport/EU ID number;

b. Full name as in your international passport/EU ID number.

  1. Press "Aceptar".
  2. Press "Anular cita":

  1. In your PDF document with confirmation of your cita please find "Nº de Justificante de cita" fill it in:

  1. Press "Consultar":

  2. Confirm your cita cancellation "Si".

Сongratulation! 👏 Your cita successfully cancelled.

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